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Since? we became a registered charity in 1994, the Guelph Historical Railway Association has been working to preserve Guelph’s wonderful railway history. We accomplish this through many ways. One of or main ways is the collecting, restoration and preservation of historical railway artifacts. Our collection ranges from rolling stock, to lanterns, paperwork, hardware and so much more. Another aspect of our work is preserving and archiving historical photographs of Guelph and Canada’s railway history.

Passenger Coach 3216

In 2020, we acquired passenger car 3216, a 1954 built Canadian National Railway coach. Our goal is to fully restore 3216 back to its 1960s appearance. 3216 won’t just be restored on the outside, we are fully dissasembling and completely rebuilding the interior, and when finished 3216 will be a museum worthy, and functional coach.

Read more about our 3216 restoration here!

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In Search of Parts

Finding sources for parts. An important aspect of our restoration is sourcing missing parts from the coach. One of the main, distinct interior features of Canadian Car and Foundry lightweight coaches was glass dividers between Read more…

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